The trees are quiet observers of our life. They provide oxygen, fruits, shade in a hot day. When I was a boy, I felt a connection with a particular pine tree close to mountains in Slovakia. I also remeber well a cherry tree in a garden of my grandfather – sitting on it's branches in summer collecting cherries.
   Whether we are from Europe or Middle East, from a peaceful region or a war or poverty stroken place, there are certain moments from our life and especially childhood, which we all share. From this perspective, a migrating person is just someone searching for the same calmness and security he or she once had, in the midst of global events. Like a tree, cut out of some of it's roots and replanted in another place. It is a difficult process. Not every tree can adapt easily to new conditions. This project is based on interviews with people who had to move and those who helped them in their new home. Some of them did both.
   Those people are an Iraqi artist living in Vienna, Viennese of turkish origin managing a community project for children, Iraqui refugee from a refugee house in Vienna, Syrian performance artist living in Beirut and Amsterdam, an Austrian managing a project for refugees in Vienna and a community worker in a refugee house (Hotel Favorita). I would like to thank to all of them for their kind help.